New song: The Brûlée Brothers

A year and a half ago I dreamt that I was driving a car with my two brothers and put on a (non-existent) Gentle Giant CD, after which the first twenty seconds of this song came out of the speakers, and I laughed because I’d never quite noticed before that it actually sounded pretty damn silly. As soon as I woke up I knew I had to bring the song of my dreams into being, and many months later this is the result.

At some point afterwards I discovered that the song I heard in my dream was actually my subconscious’ fuzzy half-memorized reinterpretation of Supersister’s “Memories Are New” but thankfully I think this full song ended up different enough in the end. I really beat up FL Studio trying to balance the dozens of different instruments and patterns but at this point I’m probably as satisfied with it as I will be. I decided to give it this title after the aforementioned brothers both ordered crème brûlée at a restaurant once, and also as a minor tribute to a little-known indie singer-songwriter called David Bowie who sadly passed away last week (or maybe a bit earlier, heck if I can remember these days) and without whose Earthling album this project would have probably ended up sounding quite different.

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